Who Are we?

Ian and Carol Smith opened the club on February 13th 2007 at Mono’s Bar at Cabo Roig.

There seemed to be a lack of opportunity to play Folk or Traditional music in the area.  Ian and Carol were involved in the Folk scene in England for many years and wanted to create a forum for acoustic performance near their home in San Pedro del Pinatar.

Adverts were put in the local press and the club opened with one rule and one promise. The promise was (and still is) that if no-one else wants to perform, Ian will sing all night.  He’s never had to do that from day one.

The average attendance at the club is now 50 with 15 to 20 performers on any evening.

A strange and unexplainable custom developed immediately.  Ralph McTell’s “Streets of London” has been sung every single evening since the first one.